Monday, May 26, 2008

Home again, home again jiggy jig jig

We spent the Memorial day weekend in Grand Prairie. No house yet- but I'm not getting discouraged. We stayed with our best friends, Saturday we just pretty much hung out and then watched a movie that night after the kids went to bed. Sunday we hung out, and grilled steaks, and had a water balloon fight ---although it wasn't much of a fight as it was all the kids ganging up on the two mommas. We were more soaked than anyone by the end of it all. But it was fun.
Today we got up, gathered our things, and were gone around 2. We stopped at the Terrell outlet mall, and got a couple good deals. We got home around 6:30 ordered pizza and are now settling in for the night.
This week will be a whirlwind of pulling stuff out and pricing everything for the garage sale this weekend, next week I'll be pulling stuff down off our walls, and packing, getting ready to paint etc, getting ready for company. Sunday the 8th I'm going to meet M&J in Canton, and bring J and the kids down here- M will come down on the 12th after he gets off work. Then they say until the 18th. I really can't wait. Before we know it we'll be loading the U-Haul and off we go.
I'll post pictures tomorrow or Tuesday- hope everyone had a wonderfully safe Memorial day weekend!

Monday, May 19, 2008


See his bruise? He fell and hit the door jam- about thirty minutes after he started walking. The girls were freaking out- lol- I'm like it won't be the last time. :P
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961 Miles!!!

Every year the kids all release balloons with little cards on them, they have John 3:16 and the childs name etc. Whoevers card gets returned from the farthest place wins a prize. This year, Connor's balloon was found in SOUTH CAROLINA! 961 miles away. He was so surprised! lol He was starting to get antsy, and we kept telling him to listen- and he said "why do I have to listen? I'm huuuuungry" But boy when Commander Dale said his name he perked right up. :)

Daddy explaining just how far away his balloon was found. :)
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First Book Awards

Sadie completed her first book a few months ago, but she still got recognized for it. (She actually almost made it through her second one too!)
Connor just finished his recently.

So he got his ribbon last night too.
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AWANA Awards Night

Grace with her "bubbles and bunny tail"

I didn't get a pic of Connor walking past me, because the teacher walked right in front of me at the same time. lol So this is the best I got of him.
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Friday, May 16, 2008

Look Who's Walking!

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Monday, May 12, 2008

Four Year Old Pictures

Sadie- the day of her party- which on her fourth birthday, fell right on the day of her birthday- and incidently had to be postponed due to Connor falling out of a chair and breaking his collar bone.
Connor- as silly at 4 as he is at 6!
Miss Attitude. :)

Happy Birthday Grace!

See below for my blast from the past.
Grace was my easiest labor- I woke up at 4:45am she was born at home at 7:42am. I recovered quickly, and felt great- if only they had all been like that. When I think back to her labor and delivery I have nothing but wonderful feelings about it.
Her eyes have always been mesmerizing. Especially since she didn't have hair for two years. lol

Daddy likes to spoil her a little bit. He paid $15 for this satin first birthday hat!
See! She's two now- she has hair!
She is always the ham. She constantly is doing something or saying something that just cracks us up. Most recently she was in the store with my mom, and there were elderly people in line in front of them. She tells my mom (not quietly) "Those old people are gonna die!" Mom corrects her and reminds her to keep her voice low- and she mutters "well they ARE"
Thats our Grace for ya.
Her birthday kind of snuck up on me this year- with the wedding and all. I don't think its completely sunk in that my baby girl is FOUR!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Present Time!

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Party Pics

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Saturday, May 10, 2008

Faces of Matty-Moo

He's such a ham!
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Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Post Vacation Update....

So now I've had a couple of days to recoup from vacation. Here's a longer update.

We left Thursday morning and headed towards White Oak to meet a lady to pick up some hairbows and an outfit she had made for Grace. We were running a little late, but so was she. We got the bows etc, and got back on the road. Getting on 42 heading towards the interstate we got stuck in traffic. It was completely stopped. So we sat for about 30 minutes and then finally got on the interstate. It was smooth sailing until we got to around Terrell. Near the outlet mall- traffic was at a dead stop again. So more waiting. My friend Jayme had called to see if we would stop and get her some lunch on the way to meet her. We were stopping by her house to pick up a power inverter and some more clothes. She got lunch about 2pm. :( But we got that taken care of and on to Dublin. We needed to make it to Dublin by 5- thats when Old Docs closes. We pulled up in front of Old Docs at 4:48. Twelve minutes to spare. Loaded up the DP and hit the road for Kerrville. Went through the black hole of Texas where our phone didn't work for about an hour and a half. We pulled up in front of our hotel about a quarter to 8. Tired, Hungry, and very tired of driving. We left Marshall at 10:30. Got settled, said hello to everyone, ordered pizza for dinner. When we got to the hotel room our door was wide open- front desk didn't care. Strike One. In the middle of the night the AC stopped working, Strike 2. When I took the girls for breakfast there were bugs crawling around the food, in the juice containers and the milk was lukewarm, Strike three, four, five......
So we started calling around, there were no rooms in mom and grandma's hotel. So we ended up moving across the street to the Comfort Suites. We got a great deal, and were even upgraded to a suite. Friday was a busy day with a bridal lunch honoring Megan, then the rehearsal and a very exciting rehearsal dinner. The plan was to have the dinner at the park. As we were setting up, the wind starts blowing and thunder starts booming. So we move under the pavillion. Turns into a severe thunderstorm complete with a very long, very loud hailstorm. Kids were petrefied because of the noise. Food was good though, and no one got hurt.
Saturday went by quickly, and we had to be at the museum for pictures a couple hours early.
The entire area was magical- absolutely gorgeous.
The ceremony was so so sweet- I don't think there was a dry eye in the house. They were married by Megan's grandfather, so it was very personal. The reception was a blast- complete with a bad dancing contest. They left by the light of sparklers to start their new life together.

Sunday the plan was to go to the San Antonio zoo, but we woke up and checked the weather and it said 80% chance of severe weather so we decided to try and do the children's museum instead. However, we didn't anticipate the museum being in downtown San Antonio, and getting lost in a very bad part of town, and it being the last day of fiesta. So we hightailed it out of there, and headed to the hotel, but we couldn't check in yet. So we ended up walking around a mall for a while until time to check in. We checked into the room and got settled, and rested for a while then walked over to Denny's for dinner. Came back to the room and ordered National Treasure 2. It was great! Its a keeper for sure. Monday was the zoo, and Tuesday we did the Alamo then headed to Grand Prairie to visit some of our best friends. We got to Grand Prairie about 6 Tuesday evening and stayed until Saturday afternoon. It was a lot of time of just hanging out, park time and general fun.

Now we are home and time is filled with photo sessions, final projects due, bills and the like.
Biggest news of all- Aaron has put in for a promotion that will move us to Richardson. We feel really good about the decision. Its something we've been praying about for a while- and while we were up there last week, it just felt right. So we're moving forward. We would probably live in Grand Prairie, and he would commute to Richardson on the Dart train.
We are really praying that he gets accepted for the job and we can move before school starts.

So thats us. I'll be posting wedding pictures soon! :-)

Sunday, May 04, 2008

More Zoo Pics