Monday, September 22, 2008

I know you were just dying to know...

What I would have looked like in 1984. ;) So wonder no more. :) Curious as to what you might have looked like in the past? Go to

Lots of fun!

Does anyone besides me think that might actually be a picture of my mom? :P Guess we really do look a like. ;) Not a bad thing.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Alert the tooth fairy!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Little Guy...

Got his first haircut the other night. His hair was getting so long, most people thought he was a girl. So I decided it was time. Yes, I saved his curls! They are safe in a ziplock baggie.
Isn't he getting so big?? Its hard to believe he's 18months old already. Such a handsome lil man. :)
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Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Today is the long awaited debut of my home! Come on in, take a look around. Please, no pushing or shoving. I have enough of that in the afternoons. ;)
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First Stop...

this is what you see when you first walk in. Walk forward and you hit the office, turn right to go down the hall.
To the left is our living room- small and cozy.
My picture wall.
To the right is the dining area, my cross wall and bookshelf- OH and look! A Matthew! Very rare, and happy creature. ;) This is worth the price of admission right here.
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Turning to the Right.....

Here is the view from the dining room into the kitchen. Look! My cabinets aren't white! I'm so happy. :)
See my cute little chalkboard I picked up at a garage sale? And my stand mixer! I have counter space and cabinets tall enough that I can put it on my counter. :) I love it. Thanks again Mom!
My cute little green desk. I got that from my grandma because I loved it so much. It makes the perfect microwave stand. Goes with the vintage feel I'm going for in this room. It also is handy for storing my dish towels, and cords for griddle etc.
Through this door is the back door, pantry and very large laundry room!
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Moving forward...

Our bedroom. I love my french doors! I have gorgeous fabric to make curtains for them. Its on my to -do list. Promise. For now we tack a sheet up. lol
My beautiful bed.
The view from my side of the bed.
My gorgeous armoir. My wonderful husband, and good friend David worked so hard to get this into the house. I am forever in their debt. (it took an hour just to get it from the truck into the house) It hides our tv, and dvd player, along with some of our clothes.
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The end of the tour

In here, you will find the office. The main hub for my business, and where all my scrapbook stuff is.
Nothing overly exciting. But its nice to have a place for all this stuff that isn't in a living area.
And the end of the road for now- to the left are the kids' rooms. You'll see them one day, just not today- they are closed to the public until I get a chance to get in there. On the right wall I have two closets, a linen closet, and a coat/game closet. Then at the end of the hall is the bathroom. I figure, if you've seen one you've seen them all. :)
Hope you enjoyed this tour of my home! Now come visit me soon!
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Friday, September 12, 2008

Long Overdue...

I finally had a chance last night to sit and start editing some of the pictures I took at Steven and Megan's wedding. I know its months over due- but if you want to see, hop over to my photography blog.

Monday, September 08, 2008

Oh By The Way

I don't usually reveal this type of information- but I'm very excited about it- so here goes.
Before we moved I weighed in at 254.
I weighed Saturday morning at...drumroll please..................................

YEAH! I guess walking 10 miles a week helps ;)
In addition to lower stress levels- cutting out most sodas, etc. Haven't made any huge changes, but the small ones I've made have obviously made a difference. :D

Home Sweet Home

We are moved- halfway settled- as I sit in our office surrounded by boxes. lol
Internet was turned on today. YAY!
Here is the breakdown of the house.
Our room- Done
Kitchen- Done
Living room/Dining area- Done
Bathroom- Unpacked- but not organized the way I'd like
Boys Room- Done
Girls room- not done
Office- Not even close to done.

We seem to be coming down with something- Sadie started it- scratchy throat, headache etc. I'm hoping its just allergies. I'm not 100% today, so I'm not sure how much I'll get done- I'm doing a crockpot dinner- so at least that won't be time consuming. I'll get pics posted once everything is settled and unpacked. :)

Miss me?