Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Matthew's Trick

Where'd you get this glass?

I had a rough day yesterday. I've been feeling great for about a week, but yesterday that freight train was back.
I let the kids stay up late last night, because I knew that if they stayed up late, most likely they would sleep a little bit later.
They did, but I still had a hard time pulling myself out of bed. I told them where their breakfast was and lay there trying to wake up. They come in about twenty minutes later all excited...they had made me breakfast. .....

Cake crumbs and milk in a dirty glass.

But it was very sweet of them, and much appreciated by this tired mommy. Now that I'm up I'm feeling much better hopefully today will be a productive day

Sunday, October 28, 2007


The costume that caused a lot of grief. It finally came and its awesome. :0)


Mr Tin-Man


Miss Scarecrow. :0)


Funny story about Matthew's costume. I found this at a garage sale last November. We had just found out that we were having a boy. Every one of the kids have been bought a stuffed animal by Aaron when they were born. I had stashed the costume away in a tote, and forgot about it.

The animal Aaron picked out for Matthew, was a lion. :0)

He's had his monthly picture taken with it since the begining.

Here's our little lion...

Oooooooh We're off to see the Wizard.....

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Saturday, October 27, 2007

Busy Busy Saturday

I had a photo shoot first thing this morning:
It went really well! I was pretty excited about it.
I ran home after, unloaded the pics from the camera and out the door we all went to meet one of Connor's old classmates at the park for a picnic lunch and playtime.
After the park we hung out at Grandma's for a bit, and then headed home. Aaron left to go to the men's bbq and when he got there he called me and asked who was hurt. Apparently one of my siblings had gotten hurt, and dad left the bbq to take them to the ER. So I called grandma, and found out it was Caleb. He broke his arm. Aaron came home, and I went up to the hospital to see him. I stayed up there until they discharged him, then came home. Did the supper thing, and here I am. I'm wore out. Sunday's are always busy, and I am wanting to dress the kids up and take some formal halloween portraits tomorrow. We'll see if it actually gets done.

Thursday, October 25, 2007


I got this recipe for PB cookies from a friend on a message board. So easy! And very yummy. :0)

1cup Peanut butter
1cup Sugar
1 Egg

Mix all together, roll into balls, use fork to gently make cross in top. Bake at 350* for about 10 minutes.

If you need more than a dozen cookies, I'd double the recipe. They are quick and easy though!

New Matthew Pictures

There are a few 7 month shots of Matty over on my photography blog:

Monday, October 22, 2007

Sick :(

I woke up full blown sick this morning. One of those times when you go to bed fine and wake up feeling like you've been hit by a caravan of 18 wheelers.
I ache, I have a fever, I'm weak, my throat hurts, my head is pounding. At least I can still breath through my nose. Thats one thing to be thankful for.

By the by- how do you like my new layout?

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Nice Quiet House

Aaron took the kids to AWANA for me tonight. So its just me and Matthew. All is quiet until I got and take him back out of the kitchen. And then he screams and me, and heads that way again. He's ready to explore. :0)

This has been a crazy week, but mostly I just am so thankful that I am seeing a slight improvement in my health!. I know I haven't been taking the meds to long (3 weeks?) And the improvement is ever so slight, but its there.

Is anyone else going to try and have a China-free Christmas this year?
We are. I can't guarantee for what other people have bought for our kids, but we are not buying anything for our kids this year that is made in China. Now, that means they won't be getting many toys, but I'm going to still try and make it fun. So far:

  • They will each get one movie (thats pretty much a tradition anyway)
  • I'm making each of them a blanket
  • We've gotten Connor a computer game
  • I'm looking for a work-at-home mom to make Grace and Sadie some baby doll clothes
  • Each of the older kids is getting a Hide-and-Seek bag (this may actually go in their stockings, I haven't decided yet)
  • Also in their stockings, I met a mama who makes candy- her suckers are completely dye free! So they will be getting this candy instead of chocolate. I know that Connor and Grace especially miss lollipops etc...but so many of the have red dye.

I'm kinda at a loss for Matthew though. I know that he doesn't really know the difference, but I would like to get him at least one fun thing. And then maybe some practical items for him to "open" :0) If anyone has any more ideas, let me know!

Friday, October 19, 2007

I'm raising a boy!

Yeah I know, newsflash right? It is just something that was reiterated to me yesterday.
I am raising such a boy!

Around mid-day yesterday, Sadie comes out to tell me that the toilet won't flush. Within an hour the entire bathroom is backed up, its nasty, stinky and gross. I can't get ahold of the landlord, and I can't do anything. No dishes, no laundry. Nothing. So we just have so suffer through it. Praying that everyone did their #2 before lunch, lol, we muck through the day.

Connor comes in and tells me he has to potty, I grab the key, walk to the bathroom with him , where he takes one look, then turns back to me and says....."I was just kidding"
Fast forward about thirty minutes, and he is now doing "the dance"

He looks at me with pleading eyes....."Can't I just go on a tree?!"

Ahhh, raising boys.

We finally got ahold of the landlord around 9pm, and roto rooter was here around 10. We now have a clean, working bathroom again. :0)

Saturday, October 13, 2007


The rules of this are:1. Link the person who has tagged you.2. Tell seven true things about yourself.3. Tag seven new people.4. Leave a message with the person you have tagged so they know about it. I am supposed to name seven truths about myself............. and tag seven new people.

I was tagged by Melzie

  • I am totally in love with photography. Head over heels. I cannot wait to get my good camera.
  • I am trying so hard to lose weight. It just won't come off. Hopefully things will change soon. I worry about my future if I don't get the weight off soon.
  • I'm not really enjoying homeschooling. But I'm very up in the air about what to do next year.
  • I'm terrified of flying. Really. Anytime I even think about getting on a plane, I get all tingly and sweaty
  • I bake hundreds of Christmas cookies every year.
  • I love Eggnog. I have a carton in my fridge constantly while its in season. I get very sad after the first of the year and I can't buy it anymore.
  • I would like to move to a better school district, but I don't want to leave our house. I love my house.

Now I tag anyone else who wants to do it. :)

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

New Matthew Pics

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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Have you seen..

this commercial?

LOL It cracks us up everytime....because thats Connor! LOL He has those goofy dances that you can't help but laugh at. :0)

Remember the Tru Dog video? It gives you a little glimpse of his "cool" dancing. :0)
I love that kid!


and I'm so tired of being tired. I lay awake last night. Couldn't sleep. I was tired. Very tired. But couldn't fall asleep for the life of me. I finally fell into a pretty decent sleep after looking at the clock at 3am. Last night was a pretty bad night. Usually I'm able to fall asleep by 1am.
But inevitably what happens is during the kids quiet time, I sit down to read and end up falling asleep. I still don't sleep heavy, and not more than 30 minutes so that shouldn't be what keeps me upa t night.

I've considered taking a tylenol pm or something to help me sleep, but I'm afraid of sleeping to hard and not hearing the kids. So for now, I lay awake. Trying to sleep, but sleep is slow coming no matter how tired I am.

Changing subjects I am also tired of the clothes that are lining the shelves waiting to be bought for little girls. This is a subject that gets brought up a lot in our home because of a family member with an opposing viewpoint. One that often buys clothes for our kids. One thing we strive to do is teach our daughters modesty. However, when I go shopping for clothes, especially for Sadie its getting harder and harder. Wal*Mart is even falling prey to a lot of immodest clothing lining the racks. Target has a few cute things, but its getting harder there as well. What I think is horrible is the places where I can find the most cute, little girl, modest clothing are the most expensive. Old Navy, Gymboree, The Childrens Place. This is why I tend to do most of my shopping on Ebay and at Consignment shops

For those of you with daughters- how do you feel about the selection of clothing we're being given for our daughters? Where is your favorite place to shop for clothes that actually look like they belong to a 7 year old and not a 17 year old?

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Beautiful Bryana

Bryana and Sadie after the Miss Hallsville program tonight.

Friday, October 05, 2007


I had a pretty good day yesterday. Got quite a bit done. Today woke up feeling like I'd been hit by a truck. The exhaustion is back, feel as if I can hardly keep my eyes open. My head hurts and I have 0 energy. And 0 clean clothes, so I have to do laundry today. I also need to mop and vacuum.
We're going to Hallsville in the morning for the western days parade, I'm hoping to be home early enough for Aaron to help me with the very little housework that needs to be done before tomorrow night.
Anyone want to watch a couple kids? lol We have errands to run tonight, and I don't know if I'll make it if I don't get to close my eyes for a little bit this afternoon. Hopefully the kids will do ok and play nicely while I lay on the couch.

Thursday, October 04, 2007

What is it...

about a ringing phone that turns children into heathens. My day started out wonderful, and its not even 9am! I knew I was expecting a phone call first thing this morning, but I missed it the first time. Thankfully she called back, but when I picked up the cordless phone (off the base) it was dying so I had to use the corded phone. Having to use a corded phone is like inviting the kids to sit in a room full of candy. It doubles the heathenistic tendancies. They know you can't just get up and follow them around the house. So anyway, I take the call, Grace and Connor sit at my feet and fight. Loudly. I'm hissing at them to be-quiet-go-to-the-room-and-play-until-I'm-off-the-phone.
Its just gone downhill from there. Connor is having one of his bad days. Why? I have no clue. Is the weather changing?

Wednesday, October 03, 2007


These are pictures of our new bed set that we got on clearance at Target. $37 marked down from $150! :0)
I love it. Its exactly what I was looking for. :)
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It feels like Monday to me. Aaron is sick....has strep throat. He took the day off yesterday to recoup. The dr put him on the z-pack or whatever. When he came in to say good bye this morning he said he was feeling much better.

Matthew is still sick :( Makes me sad. His poor bottom is just so raw. I gave him a bath with aveeno last night and it soothed him some. I know I have some butt paste around here, but I cannot find it. So I've been putting Johnsons 3 in 1 on him. It just doesn't work as well in my opinion.

I went grocery shopping yesterday, the holiday coffee creamers are out- eggnog included...which makes me happy. That means that real eggnog isn't far behind! WOOHOO!

Not really much else to talk about. :) Going to be doing some housecleanning today...left over tater soup for supper.

Monday, October 01, 2007


I've often wondered what in the world would cause a person to want to wrestle an alligator.

I've figured it out- they are in training. Training to be parents to and discipline three year old little girls.

Not himself...

My little man is not himself today. He's had runny diapers for about 24 hours, and its beginning to take a toll on his bottom :(
He is very uncomfy, whimpering every once and a while, and sleeping more than normal. Even when he is awake his eyes don't have that twinkle that is normal for him. They look dark and sad. I'm putting in a call to the dr, as I'm unsure about how to treat/nurish him since he's a formula baby. In the meantime- say a prayer for my little guy.