Monday, June 22, 2009

Jonas Brothers Concert

The reaction when she was told what her gift from the grandparents was....

Her reaction when the Jonas Brothers hit the stage....

A huge thank you goes out to my parents, Aarons parents and both sets of my grandparents for making this possible for Sadie! For her (early) birthday gift they all chipped in and sent her and I to the Jonas Brothers Concert this past Saturday night. We had a blast! And she was OH so excited.
I've posted more pics on facebook, if you don't have a facebook let me know and I think I can email you a link to the album.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Connor's Awards

Connor received:

  1. Superintendants Honor Roll (Straight A's all year)
  2. Student of the Month
  3. Mavericks Club (excellent behavior)
  4. Bright Idea Award (classroom participation)
  5. Good Reader Award.
On his Reading Diagnostic these are his results on Phonemic Awareness, 3 of 4 is passing, he got 4 of 4. Graphophonemic knowledge 4 of 5 is passing, he got 5 of 5. Oral Reading Accuracy 90-94% is passing, he got 100%. Oral Reading Fluency, min of 60 words correct per minute is passing, Connor reads with 129 words correct per minute. Comprehension, 6 of 8 is passing, he got 8 of 8.
His teacher wrote: "Connor is so far ahead of his peers. Continue to read over the summer to stay ahead"

Words can't express how stinking proud we are of both kiddos. We're looking forward to a great school year with three of them this year!

Sadie's Awards

Sadie with the school counselor
Girls with the Vice Prin.
Receiving her awards from the principal.

Each of the kids had class picnics and awards ceremonies at the end of the year.
Sadie got 3 awards, Principals Honor Roll (A's & B's all year), Excellence in Music, and Considerably Caring award.

I'm alive!!!

I know, I know, long time no post. Things have just been downright crazy lately. What with the end of school, and moving, and doctor visits. Life just now seems to be slipping back into a rythim.
So we'll take one thing at a time.
We have finally moved- we found a 4 bedroom 2 bathroom townhouse for an awesome price. Its in a community so of course we're having to get used to having neighbors so close again, but we're also taking advantage of the perks of living in a place like this as well. The kids are making friends, we have two playgrounds, a basketball court, a volleyball court and a nice pool. Helps the summer go by faster. Before I know it they will be off to school again. We have a 4th, 2nd and kindergartner this year! Can you believe it??
The doctor visits:
Aaron- we can't avoid surgery on his shoulder. All other therapies have just covered up the pain for a while before it just comes roaring back. So probably in January he will take some time off work, and have the surgery done. I just pray that it works.
Connor: Connor has been battling staph here lately. The dr is afraid it might be MRSA. The latest round of antibiotics has made the rash go away, but so did the first one, it just came back faster and worse. So now we hold our breaths and see if it returns. If so, we're probably looking at a hospital admission for him. We pray it stays away this time because he's already looking at probable surgery on his right toe due to a cyst. We'll find out more about that in the next couple weeks.
Me: I have been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. Not much to say about that. It hasn't changed my life any, I just have a name as to why I'm tired and in pain all the time.
I'll save the end of school stuff for the next post so I can include pictures. I'm also going to try and take pics of the house so you can see that too.