Friday, April 18, 2008

To Tired to Sleep....

well I think the title says it all. I worked a garage sale all day today- was up late last night.
Garage sale went well though- hoping for another great day tomorrow.
I won't be working it though, thank goodness. I will be preparing my home for sitters, and then Aaron and I will be leaving town around 3:30 and headed for the Trace Adkins concert. I am VERY excited. :)
I'm also stressing a bit about how everything is going to manage to get done. I just have no clue.
Tomorrow will be busy, Sunday is church, and then a photoshoot, then I'm doing school. Monday I will be editing, Tuesday I have company and have to run to the school to register Grace for Pre-K, Wednesday is my only "free" day to pack, clean and prepare. We leave Thursday morning.
I'm in panic mode a little bit! :-O
I'm sure it will all work out- it always does, but stressful and overwhelming to say the least.