Wednesday, November 05, 2008

My thoughts....

Other than my recent kid speak, I haven't mentioned the election here. I have my reasons too, mostly being I was so conflicted about the whole thing. I did not like either one of the candidates, I felt there was certainly someone better qualified and better for America. I've been cynical and apathetic and then passionate. So rather than post my craziness for the world to see, I just kept it to myself. However, now the election is over, the country has spoken and history has been made.

How do I feel about our new president-elect? Honestly, the jury is still out. There are several of his policies I do not agree with, and others that I think might not be so bad. Do I believe every negative thing that has been written about him? No, I don't. Do I believe that as a result of the election we are facing darker than dark days? I don't think so. This country's days are already dark. We made them that ourselves. We've had democratic presidents before, and we survived. We've had Republican presidents before, and we survived. I could be wrong, but there is no sense in spending my days and nights fretting over what may or may not happen. I'm secure in who I am in my Creator and who I am as a person I don't have to fear.

Our job now is to respect and pray for the man who has a very tough job ahead of him. In light of the economic issues, the war as well as everything else, the president-elect's job is less than enviable.

As a side/finishing note, there was a small part of me that was proud that I could tell my children this morning that the country elected its first black president. Yes, I know there are people who voted for him simply based on that fact alone, but when I think back to how things used to be and I see the world my kids are growing up in, where it doesn't matter to them that they have friends from every walk of life, every skin color, every ethnic background. I have tried to create a world for my kids where a person is just a person. Not a white person, not a black person, just a person. All men, created equal.


Stephanie said...

Very respectable. Isn't the jury out for any new president? We're promised all these superficial things so they can become president and it's really over time to see true character. I hope he does a good job and I hope both parties can work together in a way they've never done before. If they do, we could have a really neat country - the best of both worlds.


VERY GOOD THOUGHTS:*) I did think of you,and your worries when obama won the election.I pray that things go ok,and I believe God will carry us through whatever his will is.We need,as a country to stay iN prayer.
XOXOXO & I agree,this was history,and my daughters got to witeness it.They were amazed:)