Monday, January 19, 2009

So Excited:

Have you ever found the PERFECT gift for someone without even looking? That happened to me this past weekend. We were in a certain store browsing around and I look down and saw something. I got all excited and picked it up- then noticed the strange look Aaron was giving me.
"What would we do with that??" he asked.
"Its not for us- its for Steven and Megan!!"
I know that Megan reads so I can't say what it is. lol Don't you love my cryptic blog? But if you really want to know- just shoot me an email or IM and I'll tell ya. :D
I was excited for our trip before- but now I am even more so- I love giving gifts- especially when they are as perfect as this is!

Less than two months and we'll be in Colorado! Yeah!