Thursday, February 19, 2009

Get Away...

We're having a little mini vacation. Mom and dad and the three younger kids came up and are staying at Great Wolf Lodge, so we're here with them. This is the coolest place we've ever stayed. Indoor water park (no pics of that yet- I'll get some in the morning) Bedtime stories, and a Interactive Game to play all over the hotel.
I picked the kids up from school today and headed over here- I made it fine. Traffic was light, and I remembered how to get over here fairly well. Just was a little behind schedule because I chose the wrong route- forgetting about all the school zones along the road I took up to the main highway. So that delayed me a bit, but when I got to the hotel, met up with mom, I then realized I had left my wallet at home. We got everything situated, changed the three older kids into their swimsuits and they went to the water park with mom and dad and the kids while Matthew and I headed to pick Aaron up from work. I had suggested he find a train station near the hotel and just take a different route, he decided it would just be best if I was to drive to Richardson and just pick him up at the office. I had him call me as soon as he got off work, I was near tears, shaking, and in a panic. The traffic was unreal. I told him he better not ever ask me to drive to his office again. I hated it. The worst part of the ordeal was the bridge we came to a complete stop on . If you know me, you know I don't do bridges, well I got stuck on the highest bridge crawling at 5-10 miles an hour. I was gasping for air, totally freaking out. He's on the other end of the phone telling me how good I'm doing. In my mind I'm bawling him out for having me do this. But short story long, I made it- we survived, and made it back to the hotel in one piece. We enjoyed a little water park fun (except for Matthew who kept telling me "not a bath") then we headed back to the room to shower and do the dinner thing. We brought the kids to watch the bedtime stories, and then we walked around doing the quests some. Kids were tucked into bed around ten, and were out like lights.
I'd post pics here, but there are so many- so I'm going to post them in albums on facebook and myspace. Most everyone has access to those. :)
Tomorrow we'll do the water park again, and then we're going ice skating. So many more pics will be posted.


Jaime said...

How fun!! We drove past the Great Wolf Lodge on our way home from... somewhere, I can't remember where... and it looked so, so fun!! I'm off to find the pictures on Facebook! :-)

Josie said...

How fun, we had one back home and Joe's parents gave us a gift card for it for Christmas we had a great time. I hope you all have a SUPER FUN time!!