Friday, March 20, 2009

My Poor Sadie

My poor Sadie has been so ill. It started Tuesday after lunch she got a splitting headache and asked to go lay in our bed. So I sent her in there, because its the coolest, darkest room in the house. A little while later I checked on her and she was asleep. She slept all afternoon, and most of the night. She woke up around 1:30am and I could tell she was running a fever so I dosed her with meds and moved her to the couch. After Aaron left for work Wednesday morning she came in crying saying she was dizzy, she could hardly walk, so instead of sending her back to bed I let her lay in bed with me, where she just cried, because even laying down she was dizzy. Her fever at that point was a little over 103. She never moved from my bed on Wednesday. She continued to complain of her head, and neck hurting. Around lunch time her fever spiked to over 105 and I called the doctor. Explained what was going on and they recommend I take her to the ER. So Aaron headed home, I started gathering things up to take her. We got to Children's hospital in Dallas around 2, and were checked in quickly. Her fever had lowered back down to the 103 range after I medicated her at home. They did a rapid strep and rapid flu tests, both of which came back negative. The doctor explained that they have been seeing a lot of false negatives on the rapid flu tests this year. Told me to treat her symptoms and sent us home. By the time we made it home (which included dealing with rush hour traffic on 35 by downtown- I'm a true city girl now- didn't bother me in the least) Her fever had spiked back up to 105.7. It has continued like that the past couple of days. She woke up feeling ok yesterday, but by afternoon was back down again, with the high fever and pain, adding in chills to round out my suspicion that it really is the flu. Again, she woke up today feeling better, but as I type this, the fever is back, and she is laying in my bed asleep. She is so ill, and it pains me to se her so. Its frustrating to watch her suffer, and not be able to really do anything for it. She has taken to sleeping on the couch since her and Grace share a bed, and we're trying to contain this as much as possible.
So if you think of it, say a prayer for our Doodle-Bug.