Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Tomorrow I go and register the kids for the new school year. Sadie for 4th, Connor for 2nd, and Grace for Kinder. Its bittersweet. Time flies by so fast doesn't it?
Matthew is nearly 2 1/2 now, and before I know it we'll be buying our last pack of diapers.
No more babies for us, (barring a miracle) that chapter of parenting is now closed.
Its exciting and nerve wrecking all rolled into one. We're getting rid of diapers, and wipes, and baby talk, and entering the world of pimples, and late night talks about changes. Gone are the reminders to wash your hands, instead its replaced with, don't forget to wash your face, and when am I old enough to shave my legs?
No more barbies, instead we're being asked for MP3 players, and clothes(!)
The age gap between Sadie and Grace has never been so apparent until now, as Sadie enters a new stage of her life, becoming a young lady, as Grace is still a little girl. Why is it that girls seem to grow up faster than boys? I could write a whole post on that alone! Sadie and Connor aren't that far apart in age, yet Connor is still all about super heroes, trucks and toys, Sadie prefers books, music, and fashion. Could be a personality thing, but I'm willing to bet a majority is gender related as well.
I love it. I love being a mom, but its scary. The scariest thing I've ever done.
Prayers are changing, becoming more fervent, requesting more wisdom than ever before to answer those tough questions.
I'm so proud of my kids- they really are awesome.
They just grow up so fast. I spent this evening looking at old pictures- it seems like just yesterday I was standing belly to belly with my grandpa, awaiting the birth of my first baby. Now, 9 years later, I'm registering her for her next to last year of elementary school!
We think we're busy now, just wait. Right around the corner is middle school, science fairs, band practice and all that goes with.
I wouldn't trade it for the world.


Josie said...

I know its crazy. Luke will be going to kindergarten this year too. They grow up way to fast.