Monday, August 31, 2009

First week of school wrap up

The first week went very well. All the kids adjusted to the new school better than expected, and so far teachers seem awesome.
Connor made a new friend, which I'm very pleased with. Socializing is just not his thing.
It was a busy week, Tuesday we went to the Air Hog game as a back to school celebration.
Thursday we went out to eat to help celebrate our good friend Jennifer getting her promotion.
Saturday Sadie performed with her group again at the district health fair.

Now for Grace..... as you all know Grace has always been a stubborn little thing. She has a mind of her own thats for sure. I've never met a 2 year old who would stand in time out for 45 minutes, but she did. Because she refused to say she was sorry. She never asked to get out of time out, just stood there serious as could be.
So now we are in Kindergarten. Day 1- Grace informed her teacher "I'm not going to do that, its to hard."
Day 3- Grace tells her teacher "I don't feel like reading, I'm going to dance" and proceeds to dance.
Day 5- We're talking about the school day, and the kids are all telling me that their team won for the week. Their school is divided into two teams "Heroes" and the "Owls" they get points for good behavior, keeping their specified bathroom clean, as well as classrooms, and then finally on Fridays they have an academic bowl, and then announce the winners.
Well we are discussing their team's victory and Sadie tells me how she consoled a girl who got a question wrong, and everyone knows that specific girl is the meanest one in school. I applaud Sadie for her good sportsmanship and kind behavior and then Grace pipes up....
"You know what I'm going to do? I'm going to go to the Owls bathroom and throw trash all over the place so they will lose points"

I just don't know what I'm going to do with her. I redirect often (and I do mean often) but she's going to give me a run for my money, this much is sure!