Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Today I'm having a very rough day with Connor. I'm short tempered because I have a headache. And stressing about some other things. So I know I'm not dealing with him in the best way. He's having a rough day as well. So I decided to create a post with 5 things I love about my buddy. :)

1. When he laughs his real laugh, its infectious.
2. He is extremely creative, and I marvel at some of the things he comes up with.
3. His goofy dances :)
4. His love of cooking. He loves to cook/bake and pretend to cook/bake
5. He really does have a heart of gold. He can be the sweetest child. :)

Ok: I had to come back and add a few more

6. His incesent love for all things band aids. I love that I have to hide them or he will cover himself in them.
7. He's always willing to be his sisters' prince charming :)
8. He's an awesome reader
9. He's a great cuddler


Jaime said...

Good for you looking for the good in the midst of the bad. He is a good kid; don't you forget it! :-)