Monday, September 03, 2007

Happy Birthday to You, and You, and Oh! Me too!

Its that time of year again. Labor day weekend, which signifies three birthdays back to back in our family. Aaron turned 31 yesterday, My brother turns 9 tomorrow, and I turn 26 Wednesday. Yesterday we went to my parents and grilled, and the kids swam.
Today we're having my in laws over, and we're grilling. I think my mother in law and I are going shopping. :)
Wednesday we're having a friend and her two daughters over, and I'm making Italian food. Yum!

I'll post pictures soon, but we're trying to get ready for the CCC sale in the middle of all the celebration, plus clean, catch up on laundry etc. Hopefully I'll have pics up by tomorrow. :)

Happy Birthday to all of us! :D