Monday, December 17, 2007

I want a boring life....

Is that to much to ask for? Mundane, boring, routine?
It can never be that way can it?

This weekend was packed full- Sunday was supposed to be a fun evening at the church Christmas program. However, as soon as we stepped out of the van, Grace threw up. The older kids and I had to stay as we were all in the program. Grace said she felt fine, so we decided to see how she did over the next few minutes. I got Sadie and Connor where they needed to be, then went to my practice. Shortly thereafter I saw my father in law in the back, he said that Grace was hurting really bad, so my mother in law and Aaron were going to take her and Matthew home, and then she would bring the van back to the church for me.

When she got back, she said that Aaron had called her and said that Grace now had diarreah, and was in a lot of pain. Oh, and to top it off, when he unlocked the door, the doorknob came off in his hand. AAAHHHH!!!

So the kids sing, I sing and we leave. We get home and I start to make dinner for us, and then....................................Sadie throws up. Poor Grace wakes up and is in a lot of pain. Just crying from the pain. Sadie gets cleaned up and goes to bed. She half-heartedly eats a half piece of toast, and then falls asleep. I was up and down all night with Grace who is still in a lot of pain today, and I'm wishing I had pull ups for her, because the poor thing keeps having accidents.

Thankfully the boys seem fine, but the way things go around here, the girls will get healthy, and then someone else will come down with it. I just pray we're all healthy by Christmas.

Boring please?


MoonNStarMommy said...

awwwwwwwww {{HUGS}} The poor girls... Poor Mommy too...