Thursday, January 10, 2008

Going Green...somewhat.

Aaron and I have talked a lot about this trend lately. While I certainly thing its arrogent of us to think that we can destroy what God created, we both feel it is good stewardship to watch what we consume etc. Besides the fact that it cuts down on the amount of trash in the home. Which is nice for US!
We've done a few things- we've switched to the new lightbulbs- our light bill has gone down slightly.
Wal mart- at least one in our area- has started selling cloth grocery bags. We buy one or two when we go shopping, and hope to eventually have enough to go grocery shopping, and use only cloth bags. This goes into the whole trash thing- it cuts down on the amount of trash we have.
Being a family of 6 we already generate a lot. So the less we have to throw away the better.
We're going to cloth napkins- for two reasons- I always forget to buy napkins or paper towels, and again, less to throw away.

What about you? Are you "going green" or at least "light green" as I refer to myself?


J. Steven Moore said...

My daughter has gone to the dark side! ;P
But seriously...the new bulbs contain mercury -

So be very careful - even tho' the story was slightly exagerated about the woman in Maine breaking a CFL bulb in her son's bedroom being forced to spend $2,000 to clean it up - -
Better go...I've got go buy a couple of cases of 100W bulbs before they're taken off the market - I need to replace my 40W bulbs to make up for your "greenification"