Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Yeah 200 posts!

This is my 200th post. Woohoo!
I was asked to explain the school pictures. :)

Grace was practicing writing her "G"s, Sadie and Connor were hunting for nouns on our word wall.
We reviewed vowels, and talked about nouns. They had to find ten nouns on the wall, and then circle the vowels in the words. :) Then Sadie had to write sentances using words from the word wall.
Grace is doing great recognizing her "G"s, she knows G is for Grace, the letter of the week this week is "R"

Our school schedule goes something like this:

Bible (which for the older two is studying their AWANA verses.)
Calendar time- adding the date, singing the days of the week song etc. (more for Grace's benefit then the others)
Talk about the letter of the week- go on a "hunt" for said letter
English Lesson/Seatwork
Math Lesson/Seatwork
So far the kids have memorized the names of the following states: Texas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Iowa, Florida, Mississippi, Alaska, Rhode Island, California, New York, Vermont, New Jersey, Connecticut, Wisconsin, and Missouri. They are getting pretty good at finding them all on the map as well. :)
We add about two states a week to the list.

So that is our school update. :)

Matthew had a fun urgent trip to the eye dr yesterday (did I post this yet? I dont' think so)
Long story short, Grace poked him in the eye, and scratched his cornea. He's fine, but hates med time. lol

Anywho- woohoo on 200 posts :)


Jaime said...

How fun to hear about the kids' school day. Sadie looks adorable concentrating so hard. :-)