Sunday, October 26, 2008

Christmas is coming...

And I find myself browsing etsy drooling over items, I could never break down and buy myself.
Items such as these fancy aprons. I adore the vintage charm, the sweetheart neckline, the little pocket. Or what about these rubber gloves? I love these!

Or something a little more practical like this camera strap. The soft fabric would be much kinder on my neck than the stock strap I'm currently using. Especially on a long shoot, or while toting my telephoto. On the subject of camera equipment, there's always a new cover for my shootsac. I've been drooling over the lavish and splendid covers for some time.

Last year during the Holiday season, we were haunted by toy recall after toy recall. After Christmas was over, I realized I enjoyed the challenge of finding truly unique gifts for the kids. So I'm on the hunt this year. I've already started buying a few things and putting them up.
A book and new sno globe for Sadie, a computer game for Connor. Things that may end up in their stockings. Not sure yet.
We know we want to get Sadie an art set like this one, with a couple sketch pads or canvases. She is constantly drawing, and actually amazes me with her talent. I'm not sure where she got it from, certainly not me. lol
Connor is proving to be a challenge to bring in the "unique" quality. I'm really not sure.
But for Grace I found this adorable play food on etsy. I'm just not sure how much it would actually get played with. I have to keep in mind she's 4, and would probably prefer another pony over something I combed the internet in the wee hours of the morning for ;)

Matthew is posing a pickle as well. I haven't found anything yet that just jumps out at me for him.
As of today Christmas is officially less than two months away, so I guess I better get on the ball.