Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Update on Us

So things are going pretty good up here in the big D.
Aaron is still loving his job, and the kids are still loving school.
I'm pretty much completely recovered from surgery, I notice when I stress out my jaw aches some, but other than that I'm pain free. I'm even eating normally again, which is a welcome relief. I got very tired of soft foods!
Connor is getting extra work sent home with him from school, trying to keep him challenged. His grades are awesome, and he hasn't had to many behavior problems at school.
He went on his second field trip of the year yesterday to Safe Side City (similar to Longview's Safety City)
Sadie is on her first field trip of the year today.
The little ones are doing well at home. I'm working with some Pre-K stuff with Grace at home. Matthew is just as happy as ever. He is picking up new words every day. He's still not talking like the older two did at this age, but I'm not to worried about it. Grace talked a little slower as well, and I think its just because they have so many people to talk for them. :)
Thats us in a nutshell!