Friday, November 30, 2007


I am a stickler for customer service. I expect to recieve good customer service wherever I go. Bad customer service turns me off on a store for a very long time. I recieved bad customer service at Circuit City one time- it was 5 years (I'm not kidding) before I stepped foot back in the store.

Well this is a story about a store that has gone above and beyond even my expectations.

Tuesday, our anniversary, Aaron had taken the day off. The kids were all at sitters and we had the day to ourselves. We went to Lifeway Bible Bookstore, and ended up purchasing a Christmas present. We paid with a $100 bill. (our only one) We went to lunch and about our day.
The next day, Wednesday, Aaron stopped on the way home to buy some groceries. One of the $20s we had recieved as change at Lifeway was a fake. I called the store, and was told the store manager would call me back the next day (Thursday) Well Thursday came and went with no call, so I called again today. I got put right through to the store manager who was very appologetic. Long story short, they are going to replace the fake $20 with a real one.
He said the same thing happened to him a while back and the store did nothing about it, and it really irritated him. He said he'd rather have a customer for life.
And let me tell you, he does.