Thursday, November 08, 2007

Kids Say...

I've been sick lately but wanted to make a post. So instead of thinking of things to say, I'm going to let some of the things I've overheard the kids say lately do the talking for me.

Grace: "Bubsy, where's the promised land?"
Connor: "I don't know...I think it must be in Alaska"

Grace: "I sure wish you'd cropwate with me " (said with hands on hips. Btw: cropwate is three year old speak for cooperate)

Sadie: "as much as I love you with my whole heart, don't you know that God loves you more" (spoken to someone who is not a believer- from the mouths of babes huh?)

I know there's more, and if I think of them I'll post them. But my head is still foggy, so thats all you get for now. :0)