Monday, March 10, 2008

Germs germs everywhere!

Oh what a weekend. Saturday found Sadie doubled over in pain again- so she ended up in the ER. Xrays came back and the poor things colon is packed full of stool. :( No wonder she is in so much pain. So we're working on taking care of that.

Matthew finished his antibiotics for his ear infections on Thursday. Saturday night he was up crying, pulling at his ears, and not wanting to sleep. Aaron ran up to the store and bought some earache drops, and they seemed to help- so I'm guessing his ear infections are back. I'm looking forward to Friday- we're keeping the van and are going to be able to go to the chiro.

Yesterday after church, I lay down for a nap- when I woke up, Grace was asleep on the couch, which is unusual for her. I woke her up and she started crying, saying her head hurt. She felt warm, so I gave her some tylenol and let her lay back on the couch. She fell right back asleep.
She woke up around 4 and was playing just fine- so when I put them to bed around 8, I really expected her to give us some trouble, and not want to go to sleep. However, she went right to sleep, but woke up crying about 45 minutes later- her head hurt and she had spiked a fever to 102. 5. She did throw up a little bit, but that really didn't seem to be her main problem- she mostly complained about her head. I gave her some motrin and a cool rag for her head and had her lay on our floor.

I'm still coughing and wheezing although I feel fine. Knock on wood, Connor and Aaron seem perfectly healthy.

I'll be spending this week getting ready for Connor's birthday party. He's having a Transformers party. I wanna know what happened to my little boy! When did he get so big? :( I have a hard time with 6. It sounds so old all of a sudden. Of course, he's all excited about it.

I took him to the park for a little mini photo session yesterday because it was so pretty. I'll post those when I get them edited.

For now, it appears that Matthew has fallen back asleep finally- so I'm going to try and get some more shut eye before having to be up for the day.