Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Last night got pretty hairy! We had some storms rolling through, I had open listening to the webcast. I was in the middle of schoolwork when it got very loud- branches, and stuff was hitting the window right by me, it was also hammering the back of the house.
I grabbed the kids and put them in the hall away from windows- we have some dying (or already dead) trees on the bedroom side of the house, that just scare me on windy days. Anyway, about the time that I got the older kids settled in the hall, I heard the meteorologist say the "T" word- and then the phone rang. It was a recorded Mark Scirto with a thundercall- Tornado warning. So I moved the kids into the tub, grabbed Matthew out of his bed and put him in there too. I remember making the comment to Aaron that the sirens hadn't gone off. I watched the radar as the storm moved off- and then let the kids out of the tub. Thankfully Matthew went right back to sleep- the older three on the other hand were so wound up again- I let them watch a movie on the floor in my room to calm down.

We did sustain some minor damage to the house- I haven't gone outside and walked around yet- so I don't know how much- but some of it is pretty obvious just from looking out the window.