Thursday, March 06, 2008

Its Thursday!

Happy Thursday morning! Hope your week is going well.
I had a very productive day yesterday. Hoping for more of the same today.

I made these for dessert last night- and Oh. My. Word! They are delicious- and very very easy!

Today is the last day of my student workshop. Monday starts my first two classes.
Contemporary Business Communication and Skills for learning in an information age.
I have to say I am very very nervous. I downloaded my syllabuses (syllabi?) , spoke with my academic counselor and everything. Its feeling very real right now. Part of me is wondering what I got myself into. LOL

Just a note- pray for Sadie. The dr won't refil her stomach meds without seeing her, and we can't afford to take her in until the end of next week. She's in so much pain. Last night she just lay and cry because her stomach and chest was hurting. Normally it wouldn't be such a big deal to take her, but with me being sick, that dr visit and meds (which even with insurance cost an arm and a leg) all of our money is going into the gas tank.

Which brings me to another prayer request- there is a possibility Aaron could carpool with someone at work. That would be such a HUGE blessing. Please pray that it will work out.