Friday, March 21, 2008

Good Morning

Happy Friday!

We've had a pretty good end of the week. The NWS did confirm a tornado touched down Tuesday night. EF1, so a small one- but a tornado nonetheless.
I'm going to be spending my day spring cleaning. Pulling stuff out for our garage sale in a couple of weeks. It sounds like its going to be a big one! Its the weekend before the consignment sale in Tyler- so I'm hoping to make enough to go over there and get the kids some spring/summer clothes. They all need clothes in a bad way before our trip.

I posted a couple new pictures of Connor on my photography blog.
I have a ton of editing to do tonight- I'll be sitting here editing pictures, and doing schoolwork.
I want to get all these pics from last weekend and yesterday edited before tomorrow morning- when I have another photoshoot.


She sure is strange! said...

Hi Mandy, Happy Good Friday!!

I found you through comments at Brin's(My Messy, Thrilling Life). I'm a fellow homeschooling mom in Longview. We have a weekly park day if you are interested. You can check out my blog. For more information, leave me a comment or email me. We'd love to have you visit our homeschool group, Longview Area Relaxed Home Educators(LARHE).