Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Baseball and Prayers

Mark was able to get us free tickets to tonights Air Hogs game. It really was a lot of fun.
The kids spent most of the game at the playground- which is monitored by staff members, has a little basketball court, mini golf, etc. We were playing the Shreveport Sports funny enough. We won, 3-2. I think the games will be a family favorite activity next year.

Now for the prayers part Tuesday I go to a new doctor up here. I've been having some 'monthly' trouble for a while, and I have been putting off going to the doctor. Its gotten to where I will get lightheaded and pass out, and generally feel horrid. Anyway, like I've said- I have put off getting checked out- because thats the most unpleasant dr to visit. But once we moved up here that was one of the first things J made me do was make an appt. So I go Tuesday at 3pm. Pray for me- pray that this will not be a long drawn out thing to fix, and pray that I make it to the dr's and back ok. I have to go by myself and the dr is in Arlington.