Friday, August 08, 2008

Ramblings of an Insomniac

I heard about scrapblog a few weeks ago, and just never got around to playing with it until now. So what do you think? I love having new headers- and I also created one for our wedding blog over here.
Its almost the weekend YEAH! This week has gone by fast, and things are going pretty well. Aaron is getting adjusted to riding the train, and getting adjusted to new surroundings.
The kids are doing well- having a blast with friends. I'm hanging in there as well. Having a few twinges of homesickness here and there- and one minor OMGosh what have we done moment. But it passed, and I still have an overall peace about the entire move.
Just a little over three weeks until we move into our own house. I'm so thankfull to Jayme and Mark for letting us stay here, but it will be nice to be in our own place, surrounded by our own things again.
School starts in just over two weeks. Sadie got a lunch box for her birthday, I picked one up for Connor today, as well as a first day of school shirt, and each of them a backpack. Jayme and I will go next Friday and get the rest of their school supplies.
We went to a mall today- it was rather amusing as we parked, the kids wanted to know why we were at the doctors office. I was confused until it donned on me, that the only time they have ever been in a parking garage is at the doctors. lol We had to explain to them that we were at a mall, not the dr. But I don't think they believed us until we got inside.
I've run out of things to say, and I'm sure none of this runs together well. Hence the ramblings title. :) Off to scrapblog some more and try to get tired!


Jaime said...

I like your new header--here and on the wedding blog. They look fun! It's addicting, isn't it?! :-) In a good way...

lisa dawn said...

I love the new header. I'll have to check that out.
I'm praying for you guys with all the changes. Hang in there. I know what you are going through!