Monday, August 04, 2008

Little Update

Today was Aarons first day of work at the office up here.
I talked to him a little bit ago- and its been an exciting day for him. lol
Started out when he took a wrong turn going to the train station, and got turned around. He made it to work a bit late, but all is ok now. Then, when I spoke to him everyone was standing outside because the fire alarms had gone off and there were special ops, firetrucks and ambulances there. He texted me and told me they are back inside now, so I guess I'll get the full story tonight when he gets home.
We've had a bit of an adventure here at home as well- trying to figure out what school the kids will go to. Apparently the boundary lines online are outdated, and the school they wanted the kids to go to is almost two miles away from our new house. So, what we are finding out now is that since we will still be living with Jayme when school starts, they will be able to start, and finish out the school year at this school which is only .6 of a mile from the house. Then I'll be able to put in transfer requests to keep them here. Its been a bit frusrating, and a lot of it doesn't make sense to me, but I know it will all work out.

Oh, on another note- Aaron got his haircut yesterday. Not normally, blog worthy- but he has had the exact same haircut since highschool, and I finally talked him into changing it- so he now has a style and has to use a little bit of *gasp!* product on his hair in the mornings. But I think it looks really good- I'll take a pic tonight when he gets home. I was to tired this morning. lol

The kids are doing well, and are adjusting as well as can be expected.
As I anticipated, Connor is having the hardest time with the change- but thats just his personality. I think he will do really well once we are in our own place and he is surrounded with all of his own things again.