Monday, August 11, 2008

Hangin In There...

Yes we are. Hanging in there. We just finished our first full week up here. Aaron has settled in nicely so far to his routine. It takes me some getting used to, because he gets home about an hour later than he was before, but once I get used to it I will be ok. I've visted malls, Gaylord Texan- where the above pictures were taken- and Traders Village. Oh, and also DFW airport. lol
My grandparents flew in to Dallas on their way home from Colorado, and since we didn't get to see them before we moved we went to the airport to say hi.
It was hard to say good-bye, but I'm glad we went.
We've watched a couple good movies lately- both Tyler Perry movies. lol The first one was Meet the Browns- very good, very funny! Then tonight we watched Why did I get Married. Again, very good- but this one was more heartfelt than funny, although it did have its parts.
A few weeks ago, we watched Daddy's Little Girls- another Tyler Perry movie, it was also very very good, again, a more heartfelt than funny. But still very good. I'd recomend all of them.
Tomorrow starts the week again, and marks the two week countdown to the first day of school. I bought the kids backpacks, and lunch bags, we'll be getting supplies on Saturday- They each have their first day of school outfit folded neatly in their backpacks.
I'm really hoping and praying for a good school year for each of them. Connor will be in the first grade (ack!) and Sadie the third (double ACK!)
Where has the time gone?
I was going to attempt to put Grace in Pre-K, but have decided against it, I'm going to keep her home instead. I will be getting the Teach your child to read in 100 easy lessons book again for her (our old copy was ruined when our garage flooded) and she got a workbook from grandma for her birthday, so I'll work with her an hour or so a day at home. Next year this time- we'll be getting her ready for Kindergarten!!!! (*sniff*)