Monday, February 18, 2008

Monday Monday...

No mail today. I'm still waiting on a few packages, that I'm starting to get worried about.
Hopefully they will show up tomorrow.

Today I am cleaning the house top to bottom- getting started on that spring cleaning. I'm in one of my declutter modes- everything that isn't useful goes out the door. Its nice that I usually make a little money selling things when I'm in these moods- not so nice when I get to over zealous and sell something that I need down the road.

We had a super busy long weekend- Thursday was spent in the ER, Friday we went out on a date night, Saturday was Sadie's game (which I stayed home from because of Connor), I had a Stampin Up party as well, and we hosted small group. Yesterday was filled with the hustle and bustle of church. This weekend will be probably about the same. Sadie has practice on Friday night- where I have also been asked to do team pictures. (yeah!) Saturday is her last game, and then we are doing family pictures afterwards, and I have a shoot as well. Sunday will be probably a cookie cutter repeat of yesterday. :)

I enjoy being busy, but sometimes its nice to have a weekend in site when we dont have any plans at all. Unfortunatly, we don't have one of those weekends in site for a month or more.
My photography business is picking up which is awesome. I feel so blessed! Its bringing in a little extra money to stash away for our San Antonio trip. We're also going to try to take another trip to Rotan sometime in the late summer. I can't wait. I need my Ld fix. There are certain times when I just miss her so bad. :( Its been hard going from living next door, to across the state. Kinda stinks :( But I wouldn't trade her friendship for the world.

I need to go motivate children to clean their rooms. Apparently when I say "Please clean up your room so I can vacuum" they hear "Go ahead and sit on your beds and stare at each other- I really want to have a stress headache by the end of the day"


Kids...gotta love em.