Friday, February 29, 2008

You know you are sick when....

* You get excited when you see you have mail in your spam folder because you know you are in for a good laugh

*Random show tunes pop into your head for no apparent reason

*You are talking on the phone and sound like a complete idiot because you cannot remember your husbands drivers license number which you have had memorized for 8 years

*Chatting online with friends, your fingers take on a mind of their own and type any random thought and a chain of misspelled words such as hte, agan, and wht and it all makes perfect sense to you.

*You want to cry at the oreo commercial with the little boy and the daddy eating an oreo together over the webcam, but you know that if you do cry, you won't be able to stop and then your head will hurt worse.

*"Mommy- why do you stop and cross your legs when you cough?"

nuff said