Friday, February 29, 2008

Watch Your Phone Bill!!!

I got online this morning to pay our phone bill and saw that it was higher than normal, so I looked at the detailed billing. There was a charge on there for $14.95 from My iProducts iMail,LLC
The details said voicemail.

We don't have voicemail on this line- never have. Never ordered it. So I called the number listed, and the lady was very rude to me. Said that Aaron did in fact order it blah blah blah. I got no where with her. I told her we weren't paying the charges.

I called our phone company and the lady was helpful. They couldn't remove the charge because it isn't from them- but she did deduct that from our bill and assured me that not paying that $14.95 would not effect our service with them. She encouraged me to call the other company back, which I did- and I got the same result.

I have filed with the BBB, the FCC and am now blogging about it. Watch your phone bills closely! These people are scammers. I'm curious if any of you have dealt with this- and if so, how was it handled?

This is what I found when I googled the company:

The list seriously goes on and on and on.

Watch your bills people!