Friday, October 19, 2007

I'm raising a boy!

Yeah I know, newsflash right? It is just something that was reiterated to me yesterday.
I am raising such a boy!

Around mid-day yesterday, Sadie comes out to tell me that the toilet won't flush. Within an hour the entire bathroom is backed up, its nasty, stinky and gross. I can't get ahold of the landlord, and I can't do anything. No dishes, no laundry. Nothing. So we just have so suffer through it. Praying that everyone did their #2 before lunch, lol, we muck through the day.

Connor comes in and tells me he has to potty, I grab the key, walk to the bathroom with him , where he takes one look, then turns back to me and says....."I was just kidding"
Fast forward about thirty minutes, and he is now doing "the dance"

He looks at me with pleading eyes....."Can't I just go on a tree?!"

Ahhh, raising boys.

We finally got ahold of the landlord around 9pm, and roto rooter was here around 10. We now have a clean, working bathroom again. :0)