Sunday, October 21, 2007

Nice Quiet House

Aaron took the kids to AWANA for me tonight. So its just me and Matthew. All is quiet until I got and take him back out of the kitchen. And then he screams and me, and heads that way again. He's ready to explore. :0)

This has been a crazy week, but mostly I just am so thankful that I am seeing a slight improvement in my health!. I know I haven't been taking the meds to long (3 weeks?) And the improvement is ever so slight, but its there.

Is anyone else going to try and have a China-free Christmas this year?
We are. I can't guarantee for what other people have bought for our kids, but we are not buying anything for our kids this year that is made in China. Now, that means they won't be getting many toys, but I'm going to still try and make it fun. So far:

  • They will each get one movie (thats pretty much a tradition anyway)
  • I'm making each of them a blanket
  • We've gotten Connor a computer game
  • I'm looking for a work-at-home mom to make Grace and Sadie some baby doll clothes
  • Each of the older kids is getting a Hide-and-Seek bag (this may actually go in their stockings, I haven't decided yet)
  • Also in their stockings, I met a mama who makes candy- her suckers are completely dye free! So they will be getting this candy instead of chocolate. I know that Connor and Grace especially miss lollipops etc...but so many of the have red dye.

I'm kinda at a loss for Matthew though. I know that he doesn't really know the difference, but I would like to get him at least one fun thing. And then maybe some practical items for him to "open" :0) If anyone has any more ideas, let me know!


Jaime said...

I like those hide and seek bags, too. I found some on etsy a while back and thought they looked like fun. It would be really fun if you could open it and change out the things they search for. But, then they might open it themselves and you'd have a big mess to clean up... not so fun... :-)