Thursday, October 04, 2007

What is it...

about a ringing phone that turns children into heathens. My day started out wonderful, and its not even 9am! I knew I was expecting a phone call first thing this morning, but I missed it the first time. Thankfully she called back, but when I picked up the cordless phone (off the base) it was dying so I had to use the corded phone. Having to use a corded phone is like inviting the kids to sit in a room full of candy. It doubles the heathenistic tendancies. They know you can't just get up and follow them around the house. So anyway, I take the call, Grace and Connor sit at my feet and fight. Loudly. I'm hissing at them to be-quiet-go-to-the-room-and-play-until-I'm-off-the-phone.
Its just gone downhill from there. Connor is having one of his bad days. Why? I have no clue. Is the weather changing?