Wednesday, October 03, 2007


It feels like Monday to me. Aaron is sick....has strep throat. He took the day off yesterday to recoup. The dr put him on the z-pack or whatever. When he came in to say good bye this morning he said he was feeling much better.

Matthew is still sick :( Makes me sad. His poor bottom is just so raw. I gave him a bath with aveeno last night and it soothed him some. I know I have some butt paste around here, but I cannot find it. So I've been putting Johnsons 3 in 1 on him. It just doesn't work as well in my opinion.

I went grocery shopping yesterday, the holiday coffee creamers are out- eggnog included...which makes me happy. That means that real eggnog isn't far behind! WOOHOO!

Not really much else to talk about. :) Going to be doing some housecleanning today...left over tater soup for supper.