Tuesday, October 09, 2007


and I'm so tired of being tired. I lay awake last night. Couldn't sleep. I was tired. Very tired. But couldn't fall asleep for the life of me. I finally fell into a pretty decent sleep after looking at the clock at 3am. Last night was a pretty bad night. Usually I'm able to fall asleep by 1am.
But inevitably what happens is during the kids quiet time, I sit down to read and end up falling asleep. I still don't sleep heavy, and not more than 30 minutes so that shouldn't be what keeps me upa t night.

I've considered taking a tylenol pm or something to help me sleep, but I'm afraid of sleeping to hard and not hearing the kids. So for now, I lay awake. Trying to sleep, but sleep is slow coming no matter how tired I am.

Changing subjects I am also tired of the clothes that are lining the shelves waiting to be bought for little girls. This is a subject that gets brought up a lot in our home because of a family member with an opposing viewpoint. One that often buys clothes for our kids. One thing we strive to do is teach our daughters modesty. However, when I go shopping for clothes, especially for Sadie its getting harder and harder. Wal*Mart is even falling prey to a lot of immodest clothing lining the racks. Target has a few cute things, but its getting harder there as well. What I think is horrible is the places where I can find the most cute, little girl, modest clothing are the most expensive. Old Navy, Gymboree, The Childrens Place. This is why I tend to do most of my shopping on Ebay and at Consignment shops

For those of you with daughters- how do you feel about the selection of clothing we're being given for our daughters? Where is your favorite place to shop for clothes that actually look like they belong to a 7 year old and not a 17 year old?


Keli said...

Hey girl..Most recently we have been shopping at Steve & Barrys. Because they have cheap, cute, girly polos for Kamdyn to wear to school as part of her uniform. Otherwise, I am with you...I do lots of shopping on Ebay and I try to get as much as I can from garage sales to try and save money. Kamdyn likes a lot of the cute sayings tee shirts (I don't let her get the obnoxious choices) that Steve & Barry's have to offer. Have you looked for a The Children's Place outlet? We have one near us, and the prices are great! Good luck, and if you find nice clothing at a decent price let me know!!!