Thursday, August 16, 2007

Bargains today....Etc

Had my pic taken today for the paper. :)

Took Connor to Learning Rx, got some interesting news. :) I'll go into more details once we talk with them on Wednesday.

Um, lets see. Hung out at my grandmothers for a bit, and then headed to Marshall for our chiro appt. We got out of there earlier than I thought we would- so anyway, I decided to go to a consignment shop over there and try to find first day outfits for the kids. Let me backtrack a bit there- I had been drooling over this skirt for Sadie at Old Navy- a long denim skirt- soo cute! But it was $24.50 I just can't bring myself to spend that much on one skirt. lol I just bought her some clothes off the classifieds board for $25, but that is three complete childrens place outfits, and a pair of old navy jeans- plus shipping! lol

I digress- I go to this consignment shop and fine the exact skirt for $4!!!!! Perfect condition. Yeah! I was very happy. She picked out a cute pink button up top to go with it- on a side note- does anyone know why I can't place a picture below words? and then type more, and then another pic? Its kinda annoying.
So anyway- after I left that shop I went to another and found a shirt for Connor, and a bunch of scrapbook stuff for a great deal! A pack of paper for $3 and some stamps etc for $2. :)
Next post will be pics. :)
Oh, say a prayer for Grace. She has a dr's appt at 10:40 in the morning, I think she might have cellulitis in her finger. Its definatly infected. :(