Saturday, August 18, 2007

Its Quiet!

My husband gave me a wonderful gift today. He took ALL the kids to his mothers. I have the house to myself. Its so quiet. I'm sure I'll be missing them later, but right now its awesome. :)
I am getting some cleaning done- and its going so quickly! It took me ten minutes to tidy the living room as opposed to thirty :) No one is here being counter productive and I'm loving it.

They will return around 4:30 just in time for us to gather our things and head around the corner to small group tonight, where the kids will be taken to a sitter as well. So I am looking forward to a very relaxing day. Tomorrow is church, and then I was planning on taking Sadie and Caroline to see Nancy Drew, but I saw a sign at church yesterday that tomorrow night is Awana registration. Hmmm, not sure how that one will work out.

Monday is the first day of school. I'm ready. I'm still waiting on a few things to come in the mail- but I have enough to get me through the first week while I'm waiting on them. Lesson plans are on my to do list today as well.

Anyway, I better get busy- Just thought I would compose a post in complete silence, able to think in complete sentences without being interrupted. Wonderful!