Monday, August 20, 2007

First Day of School

Today was our first day of school. It went much better than I expected. :) Grace did well, she would color on some sheets, and then go play for a bit. We took many scheduled breaks, one long one after lunch, and then finished up when Matthew went down for his afternoon nap- which is generally his long one.

I really am pleased, and am looking forward to the school year. :) I have already decided that we will be using something different for curriculum next year though- I like A beka ok, its just that there is SO much to buy with it, and most of it is consumables, and with two children in different grades right now, eventually will be four- thats quite expensive. I'd rather know that I don't have to buy second grade material for Connor next year, he can just use Sadie's. As it is though- I'll have to buy all new stuff for him. I won't be able to make my money back on the workbooks, but I will on the teachers guides. We're planning diligently for the homeschool bookfair in May, hopefully that will give us an idea of which direction to take, but for this year we will stick with what we have.

We're going on a field trip, two weeks from today. Taking the kids to Sci-port on Labor Day. :)

You know I'll post a ton of pics. :)