Wednesday, August 08, 2007


We left Thursday night for Rotan, TX. We went out there to visit our super duper friends. :)

We stayed the night with some other friends that night, then drove the rest of the way on Friday. We made great time and got there about 11am.

That afternoon we went for sno-cones
and went for tractor rides. :) Connor and Sadie got to drive the tractor. That night Charles and Aaron went to Abilene to see a movie- that sold out as they got there. So they went for steak and shrimp. lol
Saturday was filled with awesome photo shoots as Lisa is a wonderful photog as well. Sunday was church, and then we had to leave Monday. It wasn't near long enough, but we plan on going back around the first of December when they are stripping cotton. One of the beauties of homeschooling...field trips whenever! Even one 6 hours away. lol
My next post will be full of pics from the trip. :)