Thursday, August 09, 2007

!Good Thursday Morning

I got the classroom done yesterday. It is a good feeling to have it done and ready to start school.
We start in 11 days! Yeah. :) I am very excited about it, but a little nervous. There are still a few things I need, but nothing so detrimental that I can't start without it.
The laptop is actually in the bedroom this morning, and I am going to leave it here so I can work around the house with no distractions. :)

I have been selling some things on cheapcycle. And of course I'm shopping with that same money. lol. I've been looking for some nice skirts for Sadie, because she is so into wearing dresses and skirts all the time. Most that I can find around here are to short. When we were in Rotan, Lisa showed me some of K's that came from Childrens Place. I've found a few on ebay and such, so I'm trying to get her some of those for fall.

Anyway, I'm off to have a great productive day. Go me! :)