Saturday, August 25, 2007


The first week of school. Yeah!
I woke up sick yesterday, so very thankful that I had just planned tests for the day. I ended up losing my voice before I could give Connor his spelling test, so Aaron did it when he got home.
I think it went really really well. We've incorperated their Awana stuff in the mornings during Bible time. So hopefully that will help them do well. Question for those of you with kids in Awana- do you/will you set a limit on their sections? When Sadie was in Awana before she would just fly through her sections- she memorizes so easily. Its always something that I struggled with, so I was good to say one to two sections a night.

Aaron just left to take Sadie to the church to practice for tomorrow. She is singing "Voice of Truth" in big church. :) Yes I'll take pics. lol
We are going to do some cleaning, re-organizing in the kids' rooms and try to make it down to the Habitat Re-Store to price some things. I'll also be painting our room today. I picked up the paint last night, and I love the color, I just hope I love it when everything is put back together.
I want to get matching night tables, and an entertainment armoir for our room. Wal Mart has some really really nice ones, like exactly what I had pictured- but they are on clearance. I don't think I can save the money for them before they are all sold out. :( Drat.

Um, I think thats about it for right now. :) I'll post pictures of the completed bedroom soon. I may wait until we get our bedding. :) We're re-doing our bedroom as a birthday gift to ourselves. lol Yes, I will be the ripe old age of 26 and my hubby will be celebrating 31 in 11 and 8 days respectivly. :) Happy birthday to us. If anyone asks, I want hobby lobby shopping money. lol Unless of course someone wants to buy us our bedroom furniture. lol Anyone? No one? Oh well, can't blame a girl for trying ;) Happy Saturday all!


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