Tuesday, July 17, 2007

5 Things About Me. :)

Ok, Melzie Tagged me- so here goes.

Five things to do before I die:

* Visit all 50 states
* Get a college degree
*Take an extended vacation, just me and hubby
* Visit Ireland
* Successfuly run my own business

Five things I can do:

*Take great pictures
*Make some crafty things
* Make good food
*Read a book in a days time all while getting other stuff done too
* Type 80-90 wpm (last time I tested)

Five things I cannot do...yet

* Keep a clean house 100% of the time
* Bake very well- I make some good desserts, but most are just mediocre
* Time management
*Sew well
* make candles

Five things that make a man attractive to me:

* Shoulders
* Sense of Humor
* Housework
* Smile

Five Celebrity Crushes:

*John Cena
*Matthew McConaughey
* Orlando Bloom (especially in pirates 3 yum)
* John Cena
and um...lets see
*John Cena. rofl.

Five people I'd like to do this if they want:

*Lisa Dawn
*ummm, can't think of anyone else.


MoonNStarMommy said...

LOLOL.... mannnnnnnnnnn....