Sunday, July 29, 2007

I'm Alive :)

We have had such a busy weekend. I feel like I've been running around like a chicken with my head cut off. :)

Yesterday we ran to Kilgore to pick up some stuff from a lady on Freecycle. We tried to stop by my grandparents, but no one home. :) We came back to Longview, ran a couple errands, dropped Matthew off at my parents, grabbed a bite to eat, and took the other kids to see Shrek 3. After that we picked up Matthew, came home ate supper, and I went to see Knocked Up all by my lonesome. :) It was SO funny. NOT a kid movie, or a clean movie by any stretch of the imagination, but so funny.

I got home around 10, I was SO tired, but I sorted through some of the clothes we have been given for the kids. Went to bed, got up and around for church. We went to Shelley and Rick's church today to see Alexa and Sydney get baptised. :*) It was really nice. After church it was home, eat lunch, I made some homemade candy- and then off to a photo shoot. I'm editing those pictures now, and getting them ready for posting. Aaron and Connor are at the movies now (Fantastic 4 part 2) All these movies are at the $1 theatre by the way. lol. I really wish we could find time to take the kids to Meet The Robinsons which is also there.

Monday and Tuesday are devoted to packing and cleaning. Wednesday last minute stuff, I also have a WIC appt in the afternoon- Thursday I will be loading up the van, clothes shopping, get the van tuned up, taking the kids to get adjusted, and all that fun stuff.

We actually have to stop off the interstate in Tyler and pick up a playpen and exersaucer that we are buying off cheapcycle. Then on to Grand Prarie. :)