Friday, July 06, 2007

State of Emergency

In times of crisis, a person of utmost authority can declare a state of emergency. But what if the emergency isn't recognized? What if, to draw from recent events, Gov. Perry visited the DFW region, saw the flooding, and ignored it, or made light of it. Nothing would be fixed. No extra effort would be put towards the problem. No extra funding, or attention.
I feel that today's family is in crisis stage. All the extra pressures are bearing down on the family as a whole and a lot of families don't survive. Families are "dying" everyday. If anytime was the time to declare a state of emergency for our families its now. But to whose shoulders does this responsibility fall? Biblicaly the head of the household is the father- but they aren't recognizing the problems for what they are. Sometimes dad IS the problem. So then what? How do you fix it? Someone needs to stand up and declare a state of emergency. I would say that if you recognize trouble within your family/marriage- declare it. Don't ignore it any longer. Yes it will hurt, and yes it might get worse before it gets better. But by declaring a state of emergency you are focusing extra efforts and I firmly believe those extra efforts will pay off big time in the end.