Monday, July 09, 2007

Little bit of this and that...

Have you ever heard of Someone in the cheapcycle group told me about it and I'm in love! I got the kids two books, Sadie a Junie B, and Connor a Henry and Mudge- A school book for Sadie- 2nd grade brain teasers, I'm also waiting for Dr James Dobsons Bringing up Boys- and I'm getting rid of some of my old books. Yeah! So go check it out. :)

Sadie lost her other tooth just a few minutes ago. I'll post a picture later.

All my lack of sleep this past week has caught up with me today. I'm so tired- and Connor got into red dye this past weekend, so I have no opportunity for rest. *sigh*
*yawn* Its taken me an hour to write this post- so I'll close for now and leave the rest for a nother post.