Thursday, July 26, 2007

7 Days!!!

We have SEVEN DAYS! Before we leave for Rotan. WOOOHHOO! We're all so excited. This is the first "real" vacation we've ever taken as a family. I have so much to do this next week its not even funny. In fact, its quite daunting. I want to get the house perfectly clean before we go, partly because I hate coming home to a messy house, and partly because we'll have friends coming in to feed Jack. Don't want them coming in to a messy house. :)

My goal is to get the school room completely organized before leaving, so that the week or so after we are back can be relaxed and enjoyed before starting school.

Of course I have to pack. I am actually going to start doing that today. I need to at least wash and pack the clothes we'll be wearing for familiy pictures, and my individual.

This is a busy week on top of everything else I need to do- I have a photo shoot Saturday weather permiting (5 people) and then Sunday I have a HUGE shoot- 6 adults 7 children. I'm very nervous about that.
The Wednesday before we leave I have a WIC appt. The Thursday that we leave I have to go get the van checked out, filled up, packed up, cleaned up then we pick Aaron up, and drive up to Grand Prarie. :) Spend the night there, then head on over to Rotan.

Ok, typing it all out is a little overwhelming, but at least I can see what all I need to do. I'm hoping for some productive energy. :)


MoonNStarMommy said...

I'm already freaking about shoots and I don't even have them yet.. LOL...

I cannot WAIT to see your "school room" .. I know it'll be awesome!!