Sunday, July 01, 2007

Our Sunday

Happy Sunday Evening everyone. We rushed out the door to church this morning. We were running late, and rushed to deposit everyone to said Sunday School Rooms only to remember it was the first Sunday of the month and meant it was communion Sunday. So we got everyone settled in- and relaxed during first service. Met up with Grandma and Grandpa and got to hear Slade- Jaime's husband preach. It was strange to see a peer up there, but he did an awesome job and make me even more anxious for our trip when we'll get to hear Charles preach for the first time. :)

After church there was a newcomers BBQ with some yummy food. After that it was a quick trip home to make a grocery list then out the door. We ended up leaving said list in the van since it started pouring down rain on us on the way there. We were flustered trying to get all 4 kids out of the car without getting them completely soaked. I think we did a pretty good job remembering everything though. However, when I was loading the groceries onto the belt to pay, as it moved a can fell off the belt and right onto the top of my sandal wearing feet. OUCH!!!
Its bruised and very very sore. A tad swollen, but at least I can walk. And, at least it didn't hit my toe. But still- OUCH!

I have someone coming tomorrow to buy something I listed on cheapcycle, I'm using that money to get the paint for the girls' room. I am going to work more on Grace's bed tomorrow getting it painted and ready to put up once we get the room painted.
I have an idea how I want to paint our bedroom, but I'm just not sure it will look right- so I'm waiting to get my mom or someone over to give their opinion. :)

Anyway- that was our day in a nutshell- tomorrow I plan on painting the bathroom, working more on laundry and trying to get rid of more clutter. Carly and the boys are here tomorrow. Tuesday is the town fireworks, Wednesday is the 4th, Thursday Aaron works overtime, and Friday Carly and the boys are here again. :) Another busy week.