Sunday, July 08, 2007

Busy Sunday

We stayed home from church today, because Sadie hasn't been feeling well. Sore throat, cough, headache junk. She feels ok if she's got the meds in her system, but without she's miserable. Besides the fact that I stayed up until 2am finishing their room.

Anyway, we wake up around 9am, have breakfast and talk to the kids about our new reward system. We're taking several ideas and rolling them into one. The kids each get an alotted amount of poker chips each week. Infringments cost them chips- but extra work, getting "caught" being good- or extra kind to a sibling earns you extra chips. They can trade the chips in for tv time, computer time, movie rental of choice, dessert of choice, or they can trade them in for quarters on our garage sale saturdays (one chip is worth 25 cents) Most of the time chips have to be paid to us - but if they get physical with a sibling, hitting, kicking pushing etc. They have to pay the chips to the sibling they offended. Make sense?

So we took the time to explain all that to them, and to divy up the chips. The the kids played, while Aaron watched a movie he'd been wanting to watch for a while. After the movie was over, we loaded up and made a wal mart run to pick up a few things for supper and to return our little dvd player that quit on us again. We got home, and finished the girls room- Aaron changed out the light switch- put together Grace's bed while I hung their bows on their hangers, and started putting their glow in the dark stars on the ceiling. :) Room complete. Cleaned the kitchen, helped with supper, fixed up a lamp for the girls room, and here it is 11pm and I'm wore clean out.
Its been a long week and a long weekend. There's no end in sight even! But thats a good thing- its helping me stay busy and keeping my mind off of the impending trip (25 days 13 hours and 14 minutes until we arrive in Rotan according to the countdown on my myspace page) I'm so very anxious, but I also cannot wait to tell Sadie- everything in me wants to just shout it out. :) I know how thrilled she will be. Her party can't come soon enough :P

I'm off of here for the night- going to go take a long bath and soak my aching bath.