Saturday, July 07, 2007

Massive Headache...

Ok, thats not really what this post is about- but its pretty much all I can think about right now- how badly my head hurts. I've taken two excedrin migraine, and its barely taken the edge off- so bear with me if the post is hardly legible.

In all my excitement yesterday I neglected to mention our 911 call. I was putting away laundry about two pm, and walk into the living room to see Grace shove a goldfish cracker down Matthew's throat. ACK! Because she literally shoved it down his throat, he started crying, and once he started crying, he sucked it down. I grabbed him up out of his swing- turned him over my knee and started banging on his back- nothing. He was starting to turn blue, and wasn't making any sounds- so I threw the phone at Sadie and told her to call 911. She was hysterical, but she still managed to get out what was happening to the dispatcher. After what seemed like an eternity- but in reality was probably more like a minute, I stuck my finger down his throat, and triggered his gag reflex and he threw it up, and immediately started screaming. Sadie handed me the phone and the dispatcher says "is that a baby I hear crying?" I told her yes, but she went ahead and sent the ambulence out- which was fine by me. I was glad to have him looked at. He got the all clear and Grace learned the hardway not to feed her baby brother.

Our date last night went great. We ate at Posado's and then went to the mall. We were going to play lunar golf, but it didn't work out. So we just walked around, picked Matthew up from mom and dad's went to wal mart, and picked up the other kids, and came home. It was nice to get out alone.

This morning we wake up, I take Connor and leave to run to the store to get a drop cloth, Aaron sent me to Lowes for a few things, and to wal mart for breakfast and lunch. It took me two and a half hours! By the time I got back it was lunch time. I got started with what I wanted to do so late, and it just set the tone for my day. Anyway, I have been working on painting Grace's bed, I'm almost done, and hope to finish tonight, but I'm not sure I'll be able to. I got the shelf repainted, and the letters I got for their bow hangers painted. I'm also about halfway done painting their room. I'm excited to get everything in there and complete, because I think it will look great! :) I'll be sure to post pics. :)